Calendar of Events

Cattle sales are every Tuesday @ 11 AM
Goat & Sheep sales are the 1st Tuesday of each month @ 9AM
Horse sales are the 1st Friday of each month @ 5 PM

Cross Livestock Auction Sale Schedule

Event Location Date
Cattle Sale - 11 AM   6/19/18
Cattle Sale - 11 AM   6/26/18
Tack Sale @ 3:00 PM & Horse Sale (not before) 7:00 PM   7/6/18
Sheep/Goat Sale @ 9:00 AM & Cattle Sale @ 11:00 AM   7/10/18
Cattle Sale - 11 AM   7/17/18
Cattle Sale - 11 AM   7/24/18
Cattle Sale - 11 AM   7/31/18
Tack Sale @ 3:00 PM & Horse Sale (not before) 7:00 PM   8/3/18
Sheep/Goat Sale @ 9:00 AM & Cattle Sale @ 11:00 AM   8/7/18
Cattle Sale - 11 AM   8/14/18
Cattle Sale - 11 AM   8/21/18
Cattle Sale - 11 AM   8/28/18
No Sale - HAPPY LABOR DAY!!   9/4/18
Tack Sale @ 3:00 PM & Horse Sale (not before) 7:00 PM   9/7/18
Sheep/Goat Sale @ 9:00 AM & Cattle Sale @ 11:00 AM   9/11/18
Cattle Sale - 11 AM   9/18/18
Cattle Sale - 11 AM   9/25/18

Market Report 08/15/18

Market Report 08/15/18 (click to enlarge)

The Cross Family has been tied to the cattle industry for many years with primarily a cow-calf operation.

In 1960 the family-Robert, Jimmy and Bobby - began a new venture, Cross & Sons, Inc., an oil and gas jobbership. This new family business was successfully in operation for 46 years. In 1971 propane was added and in 1979 Jim Bob's Little Stores, Inc. began. Jim Bob Cross joined in the leadership- with his parents- Jimmy and Zoe Ann Cross in 1990. During this time, the cow-calf operation and JRC Ranch were both growing rapidly. And, so was Jimmy & Jim Bob's love for life on the ranch.

Jim Bob joined Superior Livestock Auction as a sales representative in 2009. It has created many opportunities for him & has increased his knowledge and experience in the cattle industry. Many contacts & friends have been made through the Superior Family and he continues to be a sales representative for them today.

In 2006, the opportunity arose to sell Cross & Sons and Jim Bob's Little Stores and once again the family became full time ranchers. Jimmy was able to spend 6 great years doing what he loved on the ranch, before his passing in 2012.

Under the leadership of Jim Bob, Checotah Livestock Auction was purchased in the summer of 2012 and was renamed Cross Livestock Auction. Cattle sales are held every Tuesday at 11:00 am. And, goat & sheep sales are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 9:00 am, with the cattle following at 11:00 am. The market has remained strong and steady.

Many changes have been made to facility, since its purchase. Pen size has doubled with the addition of a 200' X 200' add on. The unloading and loading areas have been remodeled and are now much more user friendly for staff, buyers, and sellers. Goat unloading & loading has also been added and holding pens have been reworked to accommodate the goats. The semi loading area has also seen many improvements.

The Market has an excellent café—down home cooking by Karen Duvall. She offers breakfast and lunch specials as well as homemade fried pies. The delicious food makes the trip worth it!!

We consider ourselves extremely blessed to have met so many great people. We are becoming acquainted with new buyers & sellers, as well as rekindling many past business friendships. And we certainly appreciate them all.

At 3 years of age, Rope Cross definitely contributes his part to the Market. As a 4th generation Cross, he feels right at home at Cross Livestock Auction. He loves the ranch, livestock auction, cattle, horses, and customers too! Jim Bob, Melissa, Rope, and Zoe Ann, along with the friendly staff want to welcome you to come by, meet them, have a cup of coffee and look the Market over.

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